Tame your hunger - Can I drink alcohol while I'm in the weight loss program

How to Drink Alcohol AND Lose Weight

Alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol has nearly as many calories per gram as fat so it is very important that you do not let all that good work changing your eating habits go to waste when it comes to drinking. The difference in calorie content between different types of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and spirits lies mostly in the alcoholic percentage of the drink. The higher the percentage of alcohol the more calories per ml. The sugar in the drink contributes to calories but is outweighed by the calorie density of alcohol.

It is important to note that the extra calories obtained from drinking alcohol can be further amplified when high fat foods are eaten at the same time. Alcohol is the only fuel your body cannot store so it burns it immediately. While the body burns this alcohol to give you energy, any other fuel which enters the body is stored. The body easily changes the fat you eat into stored fat. The combination of bbq sausages, crisps, crackers and dips with beer has more than a curious link to the infamous beer belly. The same goes with wine and cheese and crackers they all should be consumed in moderation.

Top Tips

  1. Choose low alcohol drinks if possible.

  2. If drinking full alcoholic drinks then enjoy smaller amounts of alcohol you really appreciate.

  3. Just like you don’t have to finish all that is on your plate the same applies to your glass.

  4. Set a goal of how much you intend to drink before you start.

  5. Mix spirits with diet beverages.

  6. Drink a glass of water between drinks - fight off a hang over, and lower your calorie intake.

  7. Eat before you go out drinking to keep your appetite in check.

  8. Avoid eating while drinking

  9. If you do eat, choose low fat snacks such as: crackers, seafood, vegetables and dips.

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