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Shaker Bottle + 6 Pack

Shaker Bottle + 6 Pack

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Meet The Breakfast That Never Quits

Gift Box + 6 Packs (12 serves) + 1 Glass Shaker Bottle.

FULLER is very high in protein (24-34g/pack) helping you recover and increase strength. Being naturally high in low G.I. carbohydrate (51-57g/pack) FULLER will replenish muscle glycogen stores without irritating your gut, keeping you energized and FULLER For Longer.

Eat, drink, hot or cold. In a bowl, shaker bottle or from the pouch. Just add water! 

With a pre-marked add water line, this stylish borosilicate glass shaker bottle with bamboo lid, makes prep fast and easy. The insulated sleeve keeps your shake cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Drink breakfast from one hand while you make your way to or from the gym, work, trail or track. The perfect pre or post exercise recovery meal. 

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