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Eat Fuller Food

Starter Kit: Shaker Bottle + 6 Pack of FULLER

Starter Kit: Shaker Bottle + 6 Pack of FULLER

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A liquid breakfast is the solution for mornings when you need to get up and go! Escape quickly and quietly, leaving you with a few more minutes in bed and the rest of the house asleep. Simply add water to the fill line, shake with a pack of FULLER, and refrigerate (2 hours or overnight). 

With a pre-marked add water line, this stylish borosilicate glass shaker bottle with bamboo lid, makes prep fast and easy. The insulated sleeve keeps your shake cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Gift boxed with a 6 pack of FULLER.

Athletes need fuel fast. Meet the breakfast that never quits. FULLER is very high in protein (24-34g/pack) helping you recover and grow stronger. Being naturally high in carbohydrate (51-57g/pack) FULLER will replenish muscle glycogen stores without irritating your gut, keeping you FULLER For Longer. All natural and with lots of real fruit you'll enjoy this delicious reward. Crafted from premium ingredients by Nutritionist, Athlete, Coach and Sport Scientist Dane Fuller, this IS the real deal. Eat, drink, hot or cold. In a bowl, shaker bottle or from the pouch. Just add cold water and refrigerate as overnight oats. Or heat and eat as instant oats. Add water, seal the zip locked pouch and throw it in your bag for breakfast on the go. Saving you money, time & hassle while improving your health, boosting energy and keeping you FULLER for Longer.


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