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Weight Loss Motivation - What's Your WHY?

Live the life you’ve imagined 

Why change your life?

Print off this Blog and write down the top four reasons why you want to change.

Not why anyone else thinks you should change, or what would be nice about changing but why you really want to change.

These are the things that triggered you to take action or caused an emotional response at some time. They are the spark that lights your flame of motivation.

Deep down this is really why you want to change. It could be a comment from someone, the reflection in the mirror at some poignant time, a photo, an activity, an event, clothes – something that touched a nerve.

If the ‘why’ is big enough you can always find a ‘how’.

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Real client examples:

*Client Reed's realization: “I realized that I needed to change when I was playing with my grandchildren and I could not even get up off the ground. I had to ask them to play by themselves. I felt embarrassed that I had let down my loved ones. I love my grandchildren and want to enjoy playing with them. I want to be around to see them grow up.”

Reed's why: So I can be fit enough to play with my grandchildren on the weekends

*Client Lindsay's realization: “I saw a photo of myself taken at a family get together at Christmas. I could not believe how big I was compared to everyone else. I have not always been like this. I used to feel confident with my shirt off.”

Lindsay's why: So I can be confident in public

*Client Mark's realization: “The Doctor said I needed to lose weight as he is concerned about my cholesterol levels. I knew then I had to do something about it.”

Mark's why: So I can be healthy and not go onto medication

*Client Rowan's realization: “I can no longer walk into a shop and buy clothes off the rack.”

Rowan's why: So I can fit the clothes I have and buy some new ones

Record your ‘why’: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
How would your life be different? How would it change how you feel or what you do?
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why not stay the same?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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