Liquid breakfast - Effective ways to take your photo for weight loss program

How to Take Your Photo For Weight Loss

A before and after picture can be inspirational. One to serve as an inspiration for change and the other to show just how far you have come.

When you see yourself every day you are unlikely to notice the small changes that slowly accumulate and it is not until a friend or relative remarks “Oh my God” that you realize just how different you look. That awareness is another form of feedback that lets you know if you are on the right path to achieving your goals. And if you are it is a powerful reinforcement to keep going – a pat on the back. Taking a photo before and after gives you that ‘Oh my god’ ensuring you don’t take your success for granted.

Your face can tell a lot about how you feel and your health. Your complexion, skin tone, fatty deposits around the jaw line and sparkle in your eyes all improve with health and weight loss. The comment “you look great” is often directed towards your face whereas most people assume that what they look at – their own body, is what attracts the viewer’s eye.

Take photos of the following to compare before and after:

      1. A portrait shot of your face

      2. A side on shot of your body from the waist up

      3. A front on shot from the waist up

Breakfast for men - better "before-and-after" photo for weight loss

    A young Arnold Schwarzenegger, unhappy with the shape of his stomach, used to walk around with his t-shirt lifted up exposing his flabby abdominal area. This uncomfortable feeling gave him the motivation to work hard to improve his body shape. Perhaps you may want to consider using one of your ‘before photos’ as your profile image on or stick it on your fridge.

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