We’ve got your back - How not to drift back with old habits

How to Keep Yourself Accountable - No Going Back

Create Positive Pressure

Having an abundance of social events in our calendar can make it easier to increase weight just think of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period. It also works in reverse. Keeping our calendar dotted with social and physical events keep us accountable. Weddings, get-togethers, holidays and anniversaries are all important social events that we can use as targets to look our best.

You may want to fit your suit, look great in your fitness gear or look good in those dreaded family photo opportunities you know are coming your way. Additionally entering events (exercise) in advance is a great way to keep you in control of your weight. There is nothing more motivating than the avoidance of discomfort and pain! The knowledge that completing a 10km running event 10kg over your ideal weight is not going to be enjoyable is all the incentive that many people need to say ‘no’ to that extra helping of dessert.

Without these important milestones it is all too easy to drift back to old habits. Creating events related to your health, weight and fitness is like a having a performance review with consequences.

How to ensure weight loss progress outside home - public victory?

To make it even more likely that you are going to go through with it make your commitment public. Pay for the event in advance, tell people you are doing it many months before registration opens, register with a friend. Buy that suit or pair of jeans you intend to wear at the social occasion even though it’s a little too small at the moment. Book your holiday and commit to going shirtless in the pool or at the beach, whether you are comfortable or not.

Positive pressure will hold you accountable by holding your ego to ransom. Overtime the behavior will come more naturally but for now you are forging new habits and you need to break that horse in. Whispers will only get you so far...

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