No added sugar - How to eat less without hunger

How to Eat Less Without Hunger

As useful as this could be, our brain is not sophisticated enough that it measures the amount of calories we consume.

It is happy to consume as much food as possible knowing that it can store it away as fat for times of need. It only measures the amount of food that we consume by how much space it takes up and how much attention you pay to it. (How to manage your hunger while losing weight)

We have focused so far on enhancing the feeling of fullness generated by how much space the food takes up in your stomach by changing what you eat. Now it is time to focus on how you eat. This starts with your eyes. By making what you are eating or drinking look like more you will feel fuller. By using all your senses to appreciate your food you will feel like you have eaten more than you actually have. And by taking a longer time to eat you can feel satisfied with less. 

Weight Loss - Eating properly will help reduce your hunger

You may also find these proven techniques helpful to suppress hunger:

  • Sit at table when eating
  • Small mouthfuls of food
  • Eat protein first
  • Eat flavor rich food
  • No distractions (TV)
  • Drink water with meal
  • Utensils down while chewing
  • Use a heated plate in the winter
  • Smaller plate
  • Be the last to finish
  • Use chopsticks
  • Use teaspoons and small cups for dessert

If you find that you are eating more food than you require because you just like the taste of it then consider these strategies:

  • Freezing baking
  • Don’t buy treats
  • Set a limit
  • Ask for support
  • Keep food out of sight
  • Throw away food
  • Clear out the cupboards
  • Keep your records public
  • Ask others not to buy it
  • Give it away
  • Keep your goals written and in view (e.g. on the fridge)
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