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How Much Walking You Need to Do to Burn That Food Off

The following table outlines typical foods that are convenient to grab when in a hurry, at an event or on the road. They may be convenient at the time but they actually stay with us a lot longer as fat if we don’t use them up.


Compare how much exercise is required to burn off the respective convenience foods and decide whether they are really worth eating.
If it is not possible to make a healthier choice or you really want it then consider how you could lessen the damage and still enjoy your treat. Focus on what part of the food is highest in fat and minimize it. For example take the pastry off the top of a pie, take the cream out of a lamington. If you can see no other way to limit the fat intake then enjoy your taste and leave some on the plate e.g. eat half the piece of cake, love the taste and throw the remainder out.
Corporate Executives - Distance for walking exercise to burn foods
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